When Marketing meets HR: Employer branding

HR and Marketing may well be two distinct business functions, HR and Talent Acquisition Teams are increasing using Marketing Communications tactics with an ever increasing digital and social media presence. As markets are increasingly competitive businesses are now finding it increasingly difficult to secure long term workforce planning. The flipside of this market reality is that employers need constant visibility with more frequent recruitment campaigns. Social Media also means that candidates are more savvy about corporate culture, financial position, corporate benefits and career prospects…before they even apply for a job. In particular, platforms such as Glassdoor or Indeed allow employees and job seekers to post reviews in relation to recruitment methods, HR policies, Corporate culture and occassionally to misrepresent employers.

But what is an employer brand?

An employer s brand is essentially how a company is perceived in the job market. It It has to be consistent with its overall corporate identify, its values, its history and corporate mission and plays a key role in attracting, retaining and developping talent.

Investing in employer’s branding is critical for any employer in order to reduce cost-per-hire, improve retention and attract high value or high potential candidates. It also puts the recruiter in stronger position during the recruitment process.

So how can an employer brand be created and nurtured?

First of all, it is important to study your company’s history, its values, its mission and overall identify which can either be influenced by its founders, country of origin or location.

A strong employer brand starts from within. In other words—if you want candidates to perceive your company as a great place to work, it must actually be a great place to work. This step willl allow you (as a recuiter) to showcase key milestones and achievements during presentations and interviews.

A second set of actions that need implementing is to develop a content strategy either for social media or Print HR Communication campaigns. The former can be further detailed in your corporate website.

Another axis involves attending careers fairs, career days and other outreach activities with Universities and schools. Job fairs play an important role in promoting your employer brand  and build awareness;; Targeted and specialised career events such as ALEEF (aleef-dz.com) can also help you identify quality candidates at a low cost-per-hire while benefiting from positive media coverage and enhance relations with civil society and government bodies.

Finally, it is important to measure the performance of your employer branding efforts. For social media this can be achieved through keeping track of the usual awareness , engagement and traffic metrics. For talent acquisition it is important to measure employee satisfaction, employee engagement as well as source-of-hire to determine where to focus your efforts for the next recruitment drive.

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