Has Linkedin transformed Executive Search?

Has Linkedin revolutionised the way executive search firms operate? Not according to the 2015 report “An Executive Recruitment Game Changer?” which featured in Recruitment International and HR Grapevine; The study found that LinkedIn has a number of limitations. Conducted among heads of HR of 100 major UK organisations, the research suggests LinkedIn has indeed changed some aspects of executive search, but it’s not making Executive search less relevant. The study found only 25% of these companies use their internal team to fill senior executive roles.
In an another finding, only 8% of HR managers fully believe the LinkedIn profiles they see, and 29% feel they are likely to be less honest than a CV. With regards to Linkedin recommendations amongst colleagues or former colleagues 37% said they aren’t of much value as they are often simply swapped and 47% see endorsements on the channel as unreliable.
48% say that simply accessing a large free pool of candidates can be a false economy. At the same time, while HR Heads admit that Linkedin is not an absolute recruitment game changer, they also recognise it’s transforming some aspects.

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