interviewing experienced candidates (common mistakes)

Finding and attracting experienced candidates with the right set of skills is always a challenge. Over the years there a number of lessons I have learnt over the years interviewing highly qualified professionals; One key requirement before interviewing such candidates is to do your “homework” and conduct proper research. Not on the candidate (this is too early) but on the industry the candidate works in as well as his job family.

One too common mistake is to have a junior recruiter interview a senior candidate.

Another important requirement is let them explain their opinions and ideas. Once you have asked your question, let them expand using open-ended questions and prompt.

While it is not common in executive search to disclose the name of the client/employer at an early stage share with them as much as possible relevant information about the recruiting company, its culture, its achievements, its ambitions and expectations from the candidates.

Finally, always follow up with the candidate, whatever the outcome of the recruitment process. Experienced hires will value constructive and detailed feedback rather than standardised response if they are unsuccessful.

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