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Welcome to Interprofils

Registration with us is free and opens the door to the best employment opportunities in Algeria.

Our clients are amongst the top employers in Engineering, Telecoms, IT, Financial Services, Energy and Retail.

   • We make every effort to respect your private and professional life.
   • We don’t release your details without your consent.
   • We listen to your career aspirations and will only put you forward
      for positions that are suitable.

Please follow these basic rules when applying for jobs:

Basic CV TIPS:

   •The CV/resume is a marketing document
   •Make your CV as concise as possible (max. 2 pages)
   •Make sure your contact details are up-to-date
   •List your professional experience in reverse chronological order
   •Avoid graphics and pointless details
   •Avoid using too much jargon
   •Make sure your spelling is correct (use spell-checking facility)
   •Stress upon your achievements as opposed to mere responsibilities


Obtaining an interview is a very encouraging sign: your CV has caught the recruiter’s interest.

   •Be on time
   •Dress appropriately
   •Know the position and name of your interviewer(s)
   •Find out about the activities of the company
   •Listen carefully to questions
   •Do not discuss salary expectations until asked by the interviewer

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